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   As Richard ministered to one of the Bible Institute student churches (Rodrigo), they were reminded as to why they are still there. All of us have many reasons to quite but when we see the external value of salvation, we can never quit! In Matthew 9:35-38 the actions of Jesus teach us how we should react to the world around us. We must GO and meet people where they are and not wait for them to come to us or to our churches. Each of us has a mission field and a call from God to work in that field. 

   Judy is teaching English to supplement their income and this has become a part of her ministry. She is able to not only teach english, but to also counsel and encourage her students in Brazil. 
   Richard continues to receive invitations at city and regional events. He is often referred to as the "official city prayer". Richard says, "We must use every opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ! May we shine for Jesus, now, while it is still not against the law, and we are available and respected as Christian leaders. And we are here to share the Good News Gospel, while there is still time. "

richard & judy dickerson

   We are the Burrs, Missionaries serving the East Africa Indian Ocean Basin with Convey of Hope ministries. We trust you will add us to your prayer list. Africa is our home and we feel honored serving here. Our ministry is supported by many churches and individuals who we count as partners in our work. You can go to our webpage to see all the different projects we are working on and follow our updates as well. Thank you for supporting what we are doing in East Africa.

Brian & Kimberly burr

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   This coming June, we will be traveling with one of our ministry teams, to our home in Juarez, where we will lead an equipping conference for the children of our home. We will be hosting this special event for them at the La Quinta in Juarez, where they will stay for the weekend and be focusing in on the Holy Spirit. Pastor Rick Lopez will be bringing powerful teaching that will work to equip our little warriors for the great things they are destined for! Many others will be bringing words of prophecy and times of ministry for them. We are planning and preparing this conference with great expectation, for the power of God to fall and the Holy Spirit to rain down a fire that will ignite their hearts like only He can! It is so important that we cover this event in prayer! And that is where we need you! We want you to join the ministry team for this trip in a very special and unique way. We want to literally cover our meeting room in Juarez with your prayers. Included with this month's newsletter is a card. We would be honored if you would spend some time praying over our kids for this event, for those that will be ministering, and for every coordinated detail to be in place. After you write these prayers on your cards, if you will mail them back to us, we will be taking them with us and hanging them from balloons in the ceiling that will actually hang over the room as we engage over the weekend. We want to cover as much space as we can, so if you would like to do more the one please let us know and we can get you additional cards. We believe that mighty things will happen during this time and we value your time to pray this in for each one of our kids and ministry team going. Thank you for joining our ministry team here at home!

Streams of water

   There has been a great deal of activity in Mozambique. It has been a busy and productive time of ministry People are coming to know Jesus, and the Kingdom of God is being built. We have also been able to provide materials for the Bible Schools in Portuguese (previously, many books were unavailable; as a result classes could not be taught due to lack of materials.) These classes are now open and running! PTL. Mozambique experienced terrible flooding in recent months. But thanks to faithful partners, $10,000 was given to support the National Church’s initiatives to provide food, temporary shelter, and clothing for over 150,000 Mozambican flood victims.

   Our Areas of FOCUS are: Reaching the Lost, Pastoral & Leadership Development and Training, Improvements to existing church, Infrastructure and new Construction, Clean Water Projects, Relief & Development Initiatives and Children’s & Youth Ministries Development

   These specific areas of focus and priority have been identified through a co-operative effort between the mission and our Mozambique National Church leadership committee. The National Church is a vital part of all that we do in Mozambique, and we value our Mozambican brothers and sisters in Christ! Their input and direction in the work of God in Mozambique is crucial to the longevity and sustainability of the mission.

   Often we are asked about the greatest “needs” in Mozambique. While there many needs in Mozambique. . . Naming needs can become an exercise that is more like making a “wish list” rather than laying out a Spirit inspired plan for accomplishing God ordained purposes for the mission HE has called us to fulfill in Mozambique. The purpose of this newsletter will be to share with you, our partners, what God has laid on our hearts, and a bit of what God has helped us accomplish.