Proverbs 17:17

“Uninvited”- Living loved when you feel less than, left out, and lonely. Join with other women for the video series by Lysa Teurkheurst.

Mondays from 6:30-8:30 pm

Led by: Brittney Guerrero & Tori Hernandez

Location: 9180 Townsquare Blvd #1312

Contact: Brittney (806) 640-3074, Tori (806) 674-1600


A DVD study for Mom’s & tween daughters (age 9-15). Initiate meaningful connections & purposeful conversations during those critical preteen years.

Mondays 6:30-8:00 pm

Led by: Laurie Brown & Brooke Scott

Location: AF / 8425 Bell

Contact: Brooke (806) 676-1963

**(1) $18 journal purchase required


I Am Who YOU Say I Am

Learn to speak and believe what God says about you, even in the midst of trying circumstances and difficult times.

Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm

Led by: Gabriella Miller

Location: 7625 S Soncy #710

Contact: Gabriella (806) 418-1204

D.I.V.A.’s - Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed

Book study on Slaying the Giants in Your Life.

Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm

Led by: Kristi Rohrs /Christine Thomas

Location: 8901 Witmer Court

Contact: Christine (806) 433-7273, Kristi (806) 679-1678

Brave, Bold, Beloved

Ladies, it’s time to be BOLD! Learn to live & love audaciously. Based on the Audacious book by Beth Moore.

Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm

Led by: Lizzy Liles

Location: AF / 8425 Bell

Contact: Lizzy (806) 471-1376

Brave Women – honest questions women ask

We’ve all got insecurities, flaws, and struggles we’re afraid to address. But, if we can be brave enough to ask the questions, God will answer us. This is a video bible study with workbook.

2nd & 4th Tuesdays @ 6:45 pm

Led by: Kelly Wheatley

Location: 7208 Bayswater Road

Contact: Kelly (806) 681-1519


I Dare You!

Ladies, grab a friend and dare to tackle topics that are holding you back from the life God designed for you! Based on the devotional by Natalie Grant & Charlotte Gambill.

Wednesdays from 6:45-8-15 pm

Led by: Yvette Ramirez

Location: AF Offices, 7517 Canyon Dr

Contact: Yvette (806) 292-5549

Next Level Thinking

Ladies, let’s leave behind negative mindsets and step into victory!

Wednesdays @ 6:45 pm

Led by: Stephanie Woodard

Location: AF Offices, 7517 Canyon Dr

Contact: Stephanie (806) 206-3684


We Are the Storm

We all struggle with addictions or habits. Let’s identify them and break them off our lives.

Thursdays @ 10:00 am

Led by: Linda Staley

Location: 6113 Hanson Rd

Contact: Linda (806) 282-7935

Bible Study Brunch

Women, let’s dive into God’s word over brunch!

Thursdays from 10:30-11:30 am

Led by: Briana Brown

Location: Brent’s Café, 3701 Olsen Suite B

Contact: Briana (806) 570-7145


Visual Journaling

Put images, words, and paint together to express yourself, record revelations from God, or use song lyrics.…all while having fun!

Two Saturdays/month from 2-4 pm

Led by: Reba Conner

Location: Hobby Lobby Classroom at 3318 Bell St

Contact: Reba (806) 683-9446