At Amarillo Fellowship, we believe “The Church” is more than a building. To us, the church is made up of people on a journey to know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference in their home and community. The New Testament Church met and grew primarily in people’s homes (Acts 2:42-47). At Amarillo Fellowship we follow that pattern. We call this ministry a small group.  

At AF, Small Groups help spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ by pastoring people. Small Groups are where the deepest relationships are built and where the most ministry happens. They meet at various times during the week and include everything from weekly sermon discussion, to book studies, to coming together for a fun activity. The four things all small groups do is encourage each other, share scripture, pray together, and help people take the next step on their spiritual journey. 

One thing we know is that life is better together. You matter… to God and to us. As we grow larger in number, we are working hard to provide a place where you can connect with others just like you, connect with God, and grow. Consider joining a small group today. There is a group just for you, and you will feel right at home.